How it works

  1. 1

    Choose a Logo Name

    You can always change it later.


    Logo Name
  2. 2

    Choose 1-3 Industry Keywords

    Don't worry if the keyword or industry that you have on your mind isn’t available - you can add it anyway!


  3. 3

    Choose up to 3 Virtual Designers

    Every designer has a special style. No worries, you can switch between these designers at any time if you want to try something different.


    Virtual Designer
  4. 4

    Choose up to 5 Brand Attributes

    Which attributes would you use to describe you and your business? Deciding on a few meaningful attributes is essential to characterize your brand, your overall messaging and tone of voice.


    Brand Attributes
  5. 5

    Choose up to 12 Colors

    In order to emphasize the message of your business, you can choose your preferred brand colors from a wide range of over 300 premium pantone colors.


  6. 6

    Choose up to 10 Icons

    If you prefer a more simple and typographic logo, just skip this step. You can also add an icon later.


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