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Your Logo in 4 Steps

  1. Choose a Logo Name and an optional Slogan

    1. A good company name should be easy to understand and to remember. It's clever to choose short and punchy names that won't be easily forgotten by the consumers.
    2. A tagline can be an important asset for your company. It's not always necessary but it could be the differentiator between your brand and the rest of the market. A good tagline should be catchy and not too long.


    Brand Identity Illustration
  2. Choose 1-3 Industry Keywords and up to 5 Brand Attributes

    Industry Keywords: If you can find your industry right away, there is no need to enter more than one keyword. If your services are provided in more than one business segment, you can choose up to 3 different industry keywords. Don't worry if the keyword or industry that you have on your mind isn’t available - you can add it anyway!

    Brand Attributes: Which attributes would you use to describe you and your business? Deciding on a few meaningful attributes is essential to characterize your brand, your overall messaging and tone of voice. Think about why you are choosing these words and how they relate to your brand’s values. These attributes will be used to decide which colors, fonts and styles will be used to create the best possible designs for you.


    Company Name Illustration
  3. Optional: Choose your preferred Logo Type(s) and Colors and Fonts

    It's up to you whether you choose an Icon, Initial or Name based logo type. You can skip this step if you don't prefer a specific type.

    You can choose an icon from an extensive library of over 2 million handcrafted icons. If you prefer a more simple and typographic logo, just skip this step. You can also add an icon later.

    In order to emphasize the message of your business, you can choose your preferred brand colors from a wide range of over 300 premium pantone colors.


    Icon Colors Illustration
  4. Optional: Pick a Virtual Designer

    Every designer has a special style. You can view their portfolio and pick your favorite. No worries, you can switch between these designers at any time if you want to try something different.

    If you don't pick a virtual designer, Peter will be automatically selected and provide you with a good mix of various design styles.
















  5. Preview and Customize Your Logo

    Your logo can be fully customized with just a few clicks. You can change the colors, pick your favorite font and play around with the many icon effects and layout options.

    Preview the logo on business cards, T-shirts and much more. Envisioning your brand in the real world has never been so easy.


    Customization Illustration

Unlimited Possibilities

Your logo will be unique. A huge font library, hundreds of different patterns and over 300 pantone colors result in a nearly infinite number of combinations.

Our libraries are regulary updated to increase diversity and improve quality constantly.

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